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4 Best Ways to Tie a Scarf

4 Best Ways to Tie a Scarf

1. The Ascot


Skinny on the knot: Sure, the name conjures images of British aristocrats at the races, Fred Astaire in Royal Wedding and Fernando Lamas in a playboy moment. Forget all that. As a way to knot a scarf, the Ascot looks modern and rakish. It’s great worn with a suit, topcoat optional.

What it says about you: “I am a man of means and fiduciary responsibility, but I also know how to have fun.”

How to tie it: Drape the scarf around your neck or wrap it once or twice around (here we show twice). Then tie a simple “over-and-under” knot, like the first step in tying your shoelace. Adjust to desired tightness.

2. The Parisian


Skinny on the knot: Short of simply draping the fabric around your neck or throwing one end over your shoulder, this is the simplest way to wear a scarf. It also gives you an air of Continental cool. Smoking unfiltered Gauloises is optional (and ill-advised, Jean-Paul).

What it says about you: “I’m a thoroughly digital guy, but I also collect old vinyl. Chet Baker, anyone?”

How to tie it: Fold the fabric in half lengthwise. Drape it around the back of your neck. Pass the two ends through the loop and pull tight. Asymmetry is desirable with the Parisian, so feel free to yank the knot to one side.

3. The False Knot


Skinny on the knot: It’s reminiscent of a necktie—a big, thick, Italian necktie as worn in the streets of Naples or Florence. An excellent choice with a suit or sportcoat.

What it says about you: “One of my girlfriends tied this for me before hopping on the back of my Vespa. Yes, I would like an espresso, and make it a doppio.”

How to tie it: Drape the scarf around your neck or wrap it once or twice around, leaving one ending hanging twice as long as the other. Tie an overhand knot about 12 inches from the long end. Loosen the knot, pass the short end of the scarf through it, and pull to desired tightness.

4. The Wrap-Around


Skinny on the knot: This is a youthful “world knot” that goes especially well with a sportcoat. The effect is somewhat exotic, as though you picked up the style while on vacation in Mongolia or Patagonia.

What it says about you: “I dine alfresco whenever possible. Do I prefer Bon Iver or Beach House? It’s a tossup.”

How to tie it: Place the middle of the scarf at the front of your neck. Wrap each end around your neck until all the length is used up. Tuck each end downward through a loop. Then fuss with the loops to achieve a nice turban-like effect, as in the picture.

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