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4 Reasons Why We Love Etro

4 Reasons Why We Love Etro

Etro is one of our favorite brands. They’re a family-run business — just like us — with founder Gerolamo Etro’s daughter Veronica designing the women’s line and his son Kean designing the menswear, which you’ll find at Garmany. Here are four things we love about the line:

1. Global Inspiration

Etro is designed by globetrotters for globetrotters. Kean Etro is a student of African history, and he’s made more than 25 trips to Morocco to research his work. He credits those journeys for the collection’s imaginative, enthusiastic feel.

2. Dazzling Colors

Etro has earned a reputation for bold colors, especially in their shirts and accessories. If you want some pieces that are totally unique in your wardrobe, Etro is a great choice.

3. Engaging Patterns

Etro garments are more than just clothes — they’re works of art. The patterns are so fine that they lend a deeper appreciation the closer you look. Etro is famous for paisley, but you’ll also find a host of checkered, floral and geometric prints.

4. Must-Feel Fabrics

You can’t help but touch Etro clothing. From the smooth softness of velvet and the fine ribs of grosgrain — a corduroy-like fabric — to garments that combine two or three fabrics, each piece has a different feel.

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