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A Bicycle Built for You

A Bicycle Built for You

Attention, sartorial cyclists: If your suit is bespoke, why not your bike? If you’re passionate about the way you dress, consider applying that same care to your wheels. Off-the-rack commuters or road bikes are fine for simple practicality or speed, but if you want your ride to speak for you, a common Schwinn won’t do.

A few enterprising U.K. cyclists are all about appreciating handmade frames, and they beat us to the punch on a clever headline about custom bicycles. Bespoked is the annual event celebrating bike artisans from around the world, who travel to Bristol to present their finest handmade models. Happening April 5-7, this year’s celebration boasts more than 100 exhibitors, a venerable who’s-who of the bicycle-building community.

One of last year’s design standouts came from right down the lane, so to speak, with Bristol maker Robin Mather presenting an “adjustable geometry” cycle with a unique appearance and features. Bold pipework lets the rider adjust the head and fork angles, making the bike a testament to customizability, emblematic of the whole spirit of Bespoked.

While Mather’s model veers towards the experimental, there are plenty of practical options that still pack a visual punch. London newcomers Quirk Cycles makes sleek road frames finished in bold colors: Their Instagram shows off a lot of bright blues and pinks. When it comes to U.S.A. makers, the folks at Bespoked seem to have a soft spot for the Pacific Northwest: Strawberry Cycles, Winter Bicycles and Ahearne Cycles all have been featured as “framebuilders of the week” and all started out in Oregon.

Winter Bicycles moved to PA, where builder Eric Estlund crafts his custom frames. When it comes to ordering, your imagination is the limit—this is your dream bike, so don’t hold back. Past customizations for accommodating fishing and photography gear should give you an idea of what’s possible. Whether you’re looking for a certain finish or custom racks, now’s the time to think up a bicycle tailored to your vision and fit.

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