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A Pressing Matter

A Pressing Matter

Like shaving, ironing a shirt is one of those skills the modern man must master. And like shaving, it can be kind of a drag. Oh, sure, the lovely flat expanses of back and front are easy enough. For the more complicated areas, keep the following pointers in mind. (For best results, iron shirt while it’s slightly damp from the wash; you can also moisten the material lightly with a spray bottle.) And, yes, we know you generally have it done for you, but every gentleman should know how to do it himself.

Collar: Begin here. First do inside, then outside. Move from the point to center. Use small circular movements to avoid creasing.

Yoke (fabric across upper back): Place one shoulder on narrow end of the board, iron toward mid-back. Repeat on other shoulder.

Cuffs and sleeves: Iron the inside of the cuff. Then smooth the sleeve of the arm and, pulling the fabric taut, iron upward from cuff to shoulder, going with the existing crease. (If ironing a double cuff, open it fully first, then follow the same procedure. It is not advisable to press a double cuff when it is folded back.)

Placket (strip of material down the front that holds the buttons): Gently maneuver the tip of the iron between buttons.  When done, hang the shirt, top button closed, and allow remaining moisture to dry as it airs.

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