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A Prime Pinroll & Other Cool Cuffs

A Prime Pinroll & Other Cool Cuffs

Pinch, fold, roll, roll, smooth. Don’t worry if you’re confused: We decided to get straight to it and give you the simple steps to a pinroll, one of the coolest casual cuffs there is.

The pinroll is a great way to give your denim or chinos a tapered look without having to head over to a tailor. It highlights footwear, meaning your freshest sneakers and loafers will be on full display instead of obscured by trouser hems.

Ok, back to those directions—we’ll expand for your benefit:

  1. Pinch an inch or two of fabric at the bottom of your inside seam, effectively tightening your ankle opening.
  2. Fold the fabric back (we do it over a finger), making sure the crease doesn’t ride too far up.
  3. Roll your cuff up once while continuing to pinch the fabric, then roll again to lock the cuff into place.
  4. Smooth out any stray folds and you’ve got yourself a clean, sharp way to give your pants an extra jolt of street style.

Working with a wider ankle opening? We’re also fans of a “wide cuff,” especially with raw denim and a good pair of black boots. Think James Dean or Brando, and fold a single time with a few inches of interior on display.

If you’re going for a seaside or summertime look, chinos with a loose roll keep you looking smart yet laid back. Be careful not to cuff too many times and show too much calf, unless your boat is actually taking on water.

Try out these cuffs with your favorite trouser and shoe combos, and if you dig the look consider spring and summer purchases with cuffing in mind. It’s a simple way to add texture and character to your look.

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