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Baby, It’s Cold Outside

Baby, It’s Cold Outside

A good coat will have you sighing as you hang it in the closet, waiting for the next chance to step back into the chill. Trends have their sway, but there are reasons a few styles have become dependable classics: durability, versatility and handsome design. Here are a few options to suit your situation.


A dependable and simply styled offering, an overcoat doesn’t overwhelm the clothing it covers. Wear it to work over your favorite suit – a longer cut keeps you looking sleek even while skirting puddles. Add a cashmere scarf when the sun gets low, and you and your overcoat are ready to move seamlessly from work to an evening out.

Duffel coat

Sturdily constructed of wool, a duffel is the choice when you want your coat to be the star of the ensemble. Originally designed for military use, duffel coats feature roomy hoods (to fit over uniform caps) and signature toggles with leather loops (to make fastening easy, even with gloves on). Bold and functional without being too bulky, duffel coats make great weekend wear. Lean into this eye-catching style with olive or camel tones, which are hot this season, and pair with a marled or cable-knit sweater on brisk nights to add additional texture.

Pea coat

Cut a bit shorter than other options, the pea coat stylishly adapts to your form while maintaining rustic appeal and allowing good mobility. Originally worn by navy sailors, pea coats are generally made of heavy wool (most often navy in color), and feature wide lapels, vertical or slash pockets, and a double-breasted front with two rows of large buttons. A knit turtleneck and watch cap will up the maritime vibes and make you virtually impervious to heavy winds.

Trench coat

Another double-breasted selection, the trench coat has a longer cut and often uses thinner, waterproof fabric. A cinched belt around the coat makes for a classically cool silhouette, lending a noir atmosphere to any walk through the rain. Whether you’re buttoned up to military standards or wearing it a bit looser à la Hollywood stars of old, a trench coat will bring time-tested swagger to your look.

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