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Get Your Summer Kicks

Get Your Summer Kicks

For women, this summer brings a welcome renewal of interest in classic sneaker designs in both canvas and leather. You don’t have to be a sneakerhead (yes, that’s a thing) to appreciate the comfort and casual warm-weather vibe of these flexible-soled shoes.

You’ll find an array of hues out there, but white rises above other choices like the moon on a cloudless summer night. White teams up seamlessly without diverting attention from the delicate floral pattern of your new favorite sundress or the sassy stripes that are adding an extra splash of style to just about everything this summer.

How else to maximize the number of ways you can wear your new sneakers? Choose a shape and design that tends toward classic and understated—a shoe that proves less can be more.

The whole idea is to have a single pair of shoes that could carry you just about anywhere this summer—from a walk in the park to a shopping spree to a starlit barbecue—allowing you to keep things simple if that’s what the day calls for.

Whether you call them sneakers, tennies or kicks, when you lace up a pair your day can be as flexible as your shoes.

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