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Hawaiian Punch

Hawaiian Punch

The Hawaiian shirt, better known as the aloha shirt, has crept its way back into the wardrobes of stylish men for the past few seasons. While these polarizing shirts can evoke fond memories of Elvis Presley on his “Blue Hawaii” album or Al Pacino in Scarface, they might conjure up not-so-inspiring images of disheveled tourists and retirees on vacation. But like it or not, these shirts have become a wardrobe staple for everyone this season. 

Tailor-made for summer with tropical prints, short sleeves and an easy-to-wear shape, these woven shirts are a fun way to freshen up your look this season. Look for fresh prints in lightweight fabrics, but don’t forget to balance this statement shirt by toning down the rest of your outfit. 

Here are a few key things to look for when selecting and wearing your perfect Hawaiian shirt. 

Go bold 

The beauty of this trend is the range of amazing prints and patterns. Have fun! This is the time to explore territory you wouldn’t necessarily enter. While there are office-appropriate shirts that fit this trend, try something a little out of the box. Common prints for the season include palm trees, parrots and tropical flowers, with more “creative” options playing with logos and unusual iconography.  

Get the right fit 

Hawaiian shirts tend to come in a relaxed, “boxy” cut that is flattering to nearly every body shape. Look for tops in lightweight fabrics that drape away from the body. Hawaiian shirts are meant to convey a sense of ease and relaxation—not to show off that summer body. 

Let the shirt do the talking 

Now that you’ve found your pattern and fit, it’s time to engage in some heavy-duty self-expression. When embracing this item, look for complementary, solid-colored items to complete the look. Chinos, denim, shorts, you name it: All go with Hawaiian shirts. Just don’t throw another pattern into the mix and all will be swell.

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