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Next Show to Watch

Next Show to Watch

We know. Countless new shows are starting all the time. You probably have enough friends pestering you like mosquitoes about the next series to binge. But even if you’re choice fatigued, it’s better to watch something than just stare at your streaming menu trying to decide.

Somewhere between baseless suggestions from friends and eerily predictive algorithms, here are some shows that we’ve enjoyed along with some comparisons to make pressing play a bit easier.

Santa Clarita Diet

Not the new fad diet you expect, this one’s gluten-free but definitely not vegan. Domestic SoCal bliss is interrupted when Drew Barrymore goes through a major life change—zombification. Husband Timothy Olyphant does his best to accommodate his wife’s new tastes. Biting satire that doesn’t hold back on laughs or gore. Watch on: Netflix

For fans of: Weeds | True Blood | American Horror Story

The OA

A bit hard to pin down, but imagine a sci-fi/fantasy spiritual thriller with indie-fest dialogue and suburban ennui. There are plenty of clues for online theorizing and things can get a bit (intentionally) abstract, but there’s an emotional core and some uniquely impressive acting moves that tie the whole thing together. Watch on: Netflix

For fans of: The Leftovers | Stranger Things | Jessica Jones


This period drama is gritty and creepy, weaving a tale that involves a mysterious inheritance, the War of 1812 and the East India Company. Tom Hardy, appreciated by viewers for both his acting chops and rugged looks, stars in and developed the series with his father Edward and Peaky Blinders creator Steven Knight. Watch on: FX or BBC One

For fans of: Peaky Blinders | The Knick | Outlander

The Good Place

This conceptual comedy starring Kristen Bell places her character in a peaceful, if bureaucratic afterlife. Ted Danson features as the community overseer. Expect laughs, flashbacks and a few twists—imagine the existentialist play No Exit as a sitcom. Watch on: NBC

For fans of: Parks & Rec | Brooklyn 99 (Michael Schur created all three shows)

24: Legacy

Maybe you caught the premiere after the Super Bowl (if you weren’t suspensed-out by the end of overtime). Though Kiefer Sutherland’s cult antihero Jack Bauer isn’t along for the ride, Corey Hawkins—known as Heath to Walking Dead fans—takes the reins to defend the nation in an action-packed, ‘real-time’ political thriller. Watch on: Fox

For fans of: the original 24 | Homeland | Scandal


Many comedies deal with the daily lives of twenty/thirtysomethings, but few deliver laughs as effectively as social commentary. Issa Rae and comedy vet Larry Wilmore created the series, delving into the jobs, relationships and everyday dreams and struggles of two friends. Fans of Solange Knowle’s discography will be excited to know she worked as a music consultant for the project along with soul authority Raphael Saadiq. Watch on: HBO

For fans of: Broad City | Issa’s webseries Awkward Black Girl

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