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Oh, the places you can go!

Oh, the places you can go!

While the world’s great cities, like London, Paris or Rome, may immediately come to mind as you consider your next vacation, putting a little extra thought into what sort of great escape you really crave can result in finding a destination that truly suits your individual needs.

Perhaps you want a place where you can focus on your inner well-being. Or maybe you’re seeking a spot where you can disconnect from society or interact with some of the world’s natural wonders. If so, here are a few ideas that may come in handy

“Healing vacations,” getaways for travelers who have been ill or recently undergone a major life change (such as death of a loved one, divorce, or even becoming an empty-nester), are definitely on the upswing. Doctors, psychiatrists and other health professionals all agree that spending time walking or hiking, doing yoga, detoxifying through cleanses, wraps and massages, engaging in meditation and self-reflection and eating healthily are among the most recommended ways to get your body and mind back in shape.

Such tried-and-true favorites as the Miraval Arizona Resort & Spa in Tucson, the Golden Door in San Marcos, California, Canyon Ranch in the Berskhire Mountains, as well as overseas spots like the famed Ananda Spa, located at the foot of the Himalaya Mountains in Northern India, are ideal destinations for this type of vacation. There’s also no shortage of hotels that are catering to the wellness-oriented clientele.

In addition, finding spots where one is encouraged (if not forced) to disconnect from all those pesky electronic devices—and instead concentrating on pleasurable, nature-oriented activities—is another antidote to the stresses of modern life. Many travelers seeking the ultimate peace and quiet are jetting to more remote island destinations without cell-phone service (such as Holbox Island in Mexico).

Meanwhile, some travelers are choosing spots that allow them to take adventures of other natural wonders, which is why Costa Rica, Peru and a number of South and Central American countries are becoming more tourist-oriented. After all, what could be better than spending days inside a rainforest and interacting one-on-one with all the grandness of nature?

Iceland, as “cold” as it can be, is definitely a vacation hotspot as well. Many visitors are flocking to new luxury-oriented hotels such as the recently opened Retreat at the Blue Lagoon, whose many features include a private swimming hole that’s an extension of the Blue Lagoon and a subterranean spa with a lava rock-heated steam room, and where late-winter visitors will find themselves perfectly situated to view the world-famous Northern Lights.

Indeed, for travelers seeking a vacation a bit out of the ordinary, the future is very bright.

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