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Packed with Style

Packed with Style

Briefcases and satchels do the trick just fine, but sometimes two shoulder straps are the best way to move your daily stuff through the world. Anyone who decided backpacks were an ‘immature’ fashion choice has become sorely mistaken—some of the most respected designers are putting out takes on the semester abroad essential, and some of our favorite bag makers have been putting out smart knapsacks for years.

Maybe it’s due to a continuing admiration for street style. Maybe it’s because everyone suddenly realized we needed a better way to carry around our junk. Whatever the reason, the backpack is back, and Garmany has plenty of options to fit your lifestyle.

You’re a Creative Type

The creative process can leave a bit of a mess in its wake. To help keep you organized, check out Tumi. Plenty of pockets with intuitive layouts means easy access to all your tools and tech, because inspiration so often strikes during a commute.

You’re a Frequent Traveler

Or, you wish you were. Whether you’re headed on a trip or caught up in wanderlust, Ghurka backpacks will have you feeling like a seasoned journeyer. Their bags are specifically designed with the “contemporary explorer” in mind, with rich leathers and sturdy hardware lending a true expedition-ready look.

You Like to Keep Things Simple

Dunhill has got you covered. Cleanly designed rucksacks are available in brown or navy leather, and the interiors are spacious but not jam-packed with extraneous features. Neat and minimal, these are the ‘A to B’ bags you’re looking for.

You Really Like Wearing Black

Troubadour is your choice. From fabrics and leathers to zippers and tags, their bags are murdered out. And they’re made with weather-resistant material in case you forget your black umbrella at home. Padding protects your valuables while giving you the most comfort possible.

Whichever choice, toss some straps over your shoulders and take a stroll.

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