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Must-Have Spring Palettes

Must-Have Spring Palettes

“What’s your favorite color?” Quite the loaded question, we think. The folks at Pantone don’t claim to have a favorite, but their biannual reports shine some light on hues that have captured the collective consciousness. Things start off with the Spring 2017 Fashion Color Report, showcasing the most popular colors to have graced the recent runways.

A range of blues kicks off the lineup: Lapis Blue, a rich hue whose stone has inspired artists for centuries; Niagara, a muted slate blue with a soft coolness, and Island Paradise, an aquatic getaway for the eyes. Chambray shirts and beachy shorts in these colors will capture the spirit of any spring day.

Also on the list: Two nature-inspired greens. Greenery is a leafy shade, a cheerful yellow-green that evokes open spaces. Kale, its verdant sibling, offers a deeper forest tone. A pair of trousers in the latter color will have an effect similar to an olive pant: a strong foundation that’s neutral, but with a bit more brightness.

Designers have been using bold colors that still carry lots of warmth: Flame captures confidence, while Pink Yarrow lends some attitude. Primrose Yellow is like laying in a sunbeam. Pocket squares, scarves and other ‘pop’ items are excellent choices for bringing these shades into the fold.

Two neutral tones tie the group together: Pale Dogwood, a soft pink that’s low-volume but high-comfort, and Hazelnut, weighty yet airy—like a good blanket. Both colors look soft to the touch, so imagine a supple pair of trousers that lives up to its visual promise.

Come in and see if you can pick out Pantone’s spring palette in our new lines, and keep your eyes open for fresh color combinations that capture the excitement of the season.

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