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Real men wear pink

Real men wear pink

Pink isn’t just for the girls anymore. Everywhere you look this spring, from traditional men’s fashion houses like Ermenegildo Zegna, to more mainstream brands like Scotch & Soda, pink is showing up in sportswear, tailored clothing and accessories.

From woven shirts to shorts to underwear, brands have really come to embrace the once-feminine color for their male customers, and it seems to be catching on with the Instagram crowd. Inspired by the larger “Millennial Pink” phenomenon that has taken over social media, guys have started to add soft pinks and blush tones to their wardrobe—a welcome move away from the classic—OK, somewhat monotonous—white, grey and navy once dominating closets.

Here are some ways to go pink in style this season:

Find your pink

The key to looking great in pink is knowing which hue brings out your best. Choosing the wrong shade can work against your complexion. A quick tip: For paler skin, a stronger, deeper tone is ideal. A pale pink shade, the kind usually associated with Oxford shirts, complements a post-vacation glow as well as darker skin.

Pick one item

Don’t panic: We’re not suggesting you wear head-to-toe pink the way some designers did on the European runways. Instead, look for quality staples that you can gradually add to your closet. The key to doing the color right is selecting one pink item as the star of the outfit.

Accessories make it easy

If you’re a little too apprehensive to buy that pink jacket, try introducing the color as an accent or accessory. From ties to pocket squares and socks to sneakers, literally any wardrobe item is now available in pink, so you have no excuse not to try it.

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