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Style Hack: Monk Strap Shoes

Style Hack: Monk Strap Shoes

Searching for an all-around shoe that can take on the most sophisticated outfits, but still pair with your most distressed denim? Look no further than the monk strap. Don’t let unfamiliarity mislead you into thinking these will sit in the closet waiting for special occasions. A good pair of monk straps is one of the most adaptable footwear purchases you can make.

The first question: whether to go with single- or double-strap. A single-buckle option can be easier to transition across outfits, while double buckles are more of a conversation starter. There are understated and statement options for both styles.

You’ll also find a variety of choices for buckle finishes and embellishments. As for material, you can’t go wrong with classic brown leather. Bottom line: look for a pair that works with your wardrobe and personal style.

If you love your first pair (odds are), you might want to seek out bolder materials, such as exotic skins, or get a pair of uber-casual, broken-in leather monks. The great thing about this style is that it can be pulled to formal or casual without seeming out of place. Our best advice: Start with a pair at that sweet spot between the two, and have fun experimenting with all the looks to which a pair of monk strap shoes can add.

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