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Suit Care Secrets

Suit Care Secrets

Your suits are already investments, so you shouldn’t have to spend any extra dough on intensive garment-care courses. We think it’s time to take the mystery out of how to keep suits at their best, so here are a few easy-to-follow tips:

At Home

Sure, your suit isn’t alive, but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t spoil it like a beloved pet. It’s important to let your suit breath, so cut holes in the lid of the jar—scratch that, we mean let it have plenty of closet space to air out.

Invest in solid wooden hangers that will help your jacket retain its shape. Show plenty of affection by purchasing the best suit brush you can get your hands on. Brushing after each wear removes dust and other unseemly particles, and for wool especially it can do wonders for a suit’s lifespan.

Preservation Pointers

We know it’s tempting to splurge on that one ‘perfect’ suit (and abstain from other wardrobe additions for a bit). But the importance of variety isn’t just visual, it’s also practical. Wearing a suit out too often is only going to, well, wear it out.

Believe it or not, the same goes for dry cleaning. It’s a serious chemical process that can wreak havoc on fabric if overdone. Think about it like going to the dentist: Schedule something ASAP if there’s an emergency, but otherwise going once or twice a year will do just fine.

If you’re the type to buy the dentist-recommended state-of-the-art toothbrush, consider getting a personal steam cleaner for at-home touch-ups.

Managing Spills

Step one: Don’t panic. Stress will only cause wrinkles (for you, not necessarily the suit). Frenzy also may drive you to rub the stain, making it even worse, rather than our recommended method of deep breathing and calm blotting.

Anything greasy or saucy may require professional assistance. Fortunately, the trifecta of necessary-vice beverages—coffee, red wine and beer—can usually be taken care of with a touch of distilled white vinegar.

In a concealed area of the suit, apply a small amount of vinegar with a white towel to make sure color isn’t pulled from the fabric. Next, apply vinegar directly to the spot, patiently allowing it a few minutes to do its thing. Blot with a water-dampened section of the towel to remove all excess vinegar.

Packing for Travel

First off, you don’t need to purchase an extra ticket for your suit. This is a common misconception planted by air-travel lobbyists. The preferred packing method involves some variation of turning the shoulders of your jacket inside out, then either gently folding or rolling for luggage placement. As soon as you arrive, hang in the nearest closet.

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