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The go bag: everything you need for that last-minute summer getaway

The go bag: everything you need for that last-minute summer getaway

Spontaneous summer getaways should be long on fun and short on necessities. “All I really need is a T-shirt, sandals and some shorts” may be the mantra, but when it comes to actually filling your travel bag, things get a lot less spontaneous and a lot more complicated. While some of these may seem obvious, even the most methodical packer will occasionally forget one or two of the items on our summer travel essentials list. Here are our necessities for that last-minute trip.

Sturdy Dopp Kit: Always set aside a travel kit exclusively for toiletries so that when your TSA-mandated clear liquid bottles leak all over the place, your clothes won’t be ruined.

Pair of Jeans That Fit: The first rule of any warm-weather trip is that if you think you don’t need jeans, you will regret not bringing them.

Great Pair of Sandals: Summer vacations are an excuse to walk anywhere in comfortable sandals that let your feet feel the breeze. Grab a pair that you can wear with anything from your swim shorts to the chinos you wear to dinner later that evening.

Simple Sweatshirt: Don’t be blinded by the sunlight and swimsuits. Brisk evenings on the beach require something a little warmer.

Short-Sleeve V-Neck Tee: The perfect basic for lounging on the beach, going out or passing out (preferably to the sound of the ocean and with someone else next to you).

Casual Button-Down: In addition to the short-sleeve variety, it’s wise to bring something with more coverage. It’s still officially informal, but it’ll work at events beyond the barbecue.

Nice Blazer: When that barbecue suddenly and without warning turns into steak with the celeb you ran into on the beach and who invited you to their fab place, you’ll be glad you upgraded.

Favorite Pair of Khaki Shorts: No other piece of clothing better defines summer. If you’re in need, go ahead and buy a couple pairs. You’ll wear them every weekend, and they’ll go with absolutely everything else you brought.

Swim Suit That Dries Fast: A fantastic swimwear alternative to bored, err, board shorts, without the ill-advised adventurousness of a Speedo.

Clean Underwear: Even if your trunks aren’t sopping wet anymore, there’s the minor issue of, you know, sand. You’ll thanks us later.

Low-Top Sneakers: You could also go with casual loafers, but a getaway is an excuse to have fun, so why not?

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