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Watch your footwork

Watch your footwork

You’ll get a kick out of this spring season’s hottest shoe styles. Designers are inviting you to find your “sole” mate and put your best foot forward. But how does one stay on top of his footwear form when fashion experts are calling 2018 the year of the sneaker?

Luckily, we’ve demystified it for you. Here are the four hottest footwear trends to get you through spring in style.


This quiet, slip-on style mirrors the easy-does-it approach to looking cool on the boardwalk or just around town. The espadrille gets its name from the esparto rope its soles have long been made of. Worn without socks, the espadrille is no companion to suits or trousers, but it can be a stylish alternative to flip flops when wearing jeans or casual pants. Look for suede in a muted palette of grey, navy and brown. No statement-making here, just easy comfort that looks good.

Slip-on mules

It all started with Gucci’s slip-on mule that hit the ground running during men’s fashion week in Europe last summer. The style—essentially a backless loafer—is now available in brands from Balenciaga and Tomas Maier to Sketchers and Merrell, and it’s attracting fans who want an easy-to-wear shoe that’s dressy in the front and breezy in the back.

Chunky dad sneakers

By far the most trend-forward, statement-making shoes in the bunch, “dad” sneakers are back with a vengeance. Think of these as a hybrid of a New Balance’s classic 990V model, mixed with an orthopedic Dr. Scholl’s sensibility and a little bit of color, and bam, you have this season’s hottest shoe. Designers like Balenciaga, Gucci, and Yeezy are leading the pack this season.

Luxe sneakers

If the “dad” sneaker isn’t for you—and we get it—consider these more refined and sleek models for a casual, but acceptable-at-the-office type of shoe. Common Projects is the clear leader, spreading the gospel of casual, clean sneakers to everyone from the cool-kids of Brooklyn, to the laid-back crowd in LA. Other labels to watch are To Boot New York, Ermenegildo Zegna and House of Future.

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