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Wearable Art

Wearable Art

When Pal Zileri designates its collections as Avant–Craft, it’s more than just a tagline. The brand’s current visual aesthetic is dominated by alternately bold and subtle contrasts: between colors, geometries and textures.

In terms of colors, for example, you’ll find vibrant shades like bronze metallic, orange papaya and cactus green juxtaposed with leaden gray. Zileri is focused on expert tailoring, but also on exploring the use of clothing as canvas. The Italian line is indebted to and entwined with a national lineage of abstract art.

Careful not to overwhelm with an onslaught of stimuli, Zilleri pieces show a restrained hand that gently reveals themes across pieces. The Spring/Summer collection features modern suits that often glimmer with a sleek finish – less chrome than onyx. Shirts are overlaid with rectangles that add dimension and depth to a slimmed-down look.

Stop by Garmany to admire Pal Zileri works—art that’s meant to be worn.

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