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What You Need for Fall

What You Need for Fall

Fall is upon us, bringing with it falling leaves, football fun and cooler weather. It takes a flexible wardrobe to keep up with fall’s fluctuating temperatures. Here’s a quick guide one how to dress during this wonderful time of the year.

Don’t Sweat It

A high-quality cashmere or wool sweater will keep you warm and stylish. Pair it with your favorite jeans and dress shirt. You can roll the sleeves up for an added fashion nod, and your shirt’s contrasting collar looks great peeking out.

Layer It On


Layers are essential given fall’s rapidly changing weather. If it begins to warm up, remove your jacket or sweater—and if it cools back down, throw it back on.

No. 1 Fall Accessory


Some of the best looks of the season are completed with the addition of a stylish scarf. With myriad ways to tie or drape them, they’ll keep your neck nice and warm and add a colorful finish to your outfit.

A New Palette


During summer, we typically go with lighter colors that don’t absorb the sun’s heat. But when fall kicks off, deeper hues come back into vogue, mirroring the deep greens and rich reds of the season.

Rain, Rain, Go Away


In fall, beaming sun and warmth can quickly give way to rain and cold. Make sure your rain gear matches the rest of your wardrobe. Fashionable hats, raincoats and rubber over-shoes can keep you dry while complementing your style.

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