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4 shorts trends you’ll be seeing everywhere this summer

4 shorts trends you’ll be seeing everywhere this summer

Let’s be honest—no gal wants to spend another summer exclusively wearing tried-and-true cut-off jean shorts. They’re a staple, sure, but summer ’19 is the time to up your shorts wardrobe, because many new shorts trends are popping up and you’ll almost look forward to wearing these in the summer heat.

A few of our favorites? Utility shorts are having a moment, just like utility jackets and jumpsuits are. A pair from Veronica Beard is stylish, plus has pockets for ultimate convenience.

We also love quilted shorts, which are perfect for when it’s still sort of chilly outside but too warm for a full-on pant. Ganni is getting in on the look in a huge way.

Then there’s patterned bike shorts, the more stylish sister to plain ol’ black bike shorts. A leopard print pair from Pam & Gela will take your look to the next level.

And last but not least, don’t shy away from leather, which look especially edgy as shorts instead of pants. Bare your legs in a pair of leather cut-offs from RtA.

Stop by Garmany to try on these womenswear brands and to see what other shorts (and more!) we have in the store for spring and summer.

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