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5 Reasons Why September Is the Best Time of Year at the Jersey Shore

5 Reasons Why September Is the Best Time of Year at the Jersey Shore

We love being so close to the Jersey Shore. And there’s no doubt that summer at the shore is hard to beat with the warm weather and the sun shining down on all those miles of beautiful sand and surf. But we’d argue that September is even better! Read on for the five reasons why:

1. Less Traffic

In summer, all those people visiting the shore make for major congestion. It’s all about fighting the traffic and getting there early to get a parking spot. Not so in the much less heavily trafficked month of September. The weather is still good, and we can happily cruise over to the beach without fighting the masses.

2. Tranquil Beaches

Along the same lines, this time of year at the beach is actually peaceful. We can concentrate on our book. We can feel one with nature. We don’t have to try and ignore the pumping tunes from the teens on the next towel over—the towel that’s mere inches away. September is a much quieter time on the beach. We can finally exhale and say ahhh.

3. Less-Intense Sun

In September, temperatures are usually in the 70s. Nice enough for the beach, but we aren’t melting. We aren’t dying of heat stroke. The sun is shining, but it’s less intense, which we fully appreciate. Sun worshipers, you can keep your hot rays—and your increased risk of sunburn—during the summer.

4. Earlier Sunsets

Speaking of the sun, who doesn’t love a good sunset? But having to wait until 8 or 9 at night to see one is a drag, which is why we love the earlier sunsets in September.

5. Warmer Water

As excited as we are to hit the beach when the weather gets nice in May or June, it’s just too cold to swim. Water temperatures actually peak in September, so it’s a great time to dive in.

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