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A Lady’s Guide to Winter Coats

A Lady’s Guide to Winter Coats

Now that you’re likely retiring your leather jacket for the season, it’s time to start thinking about what you’ll be wearing as outerwear when it gets really cold out there—we’re talking freezing territory, ladies. Luckily, Garmany has an extensive collection of coats and jackets for women, but if you’re not sure where to start, here are three must-have styles for the season and when to wear them.

Puffer Jacket: You’ll need at least one of these coats, which are typically made of down and feathers, for those days when it’s downright frigid. Moncler offers a wide selection in different colors and styles.

Peacoat: These toppers should be worn in the 40- to 50-degree temperature range. And since they’re dressier than puffer coats, they work best for more formal occasions like weddings, holiday parties or business meetings. Mackage has belted, double-breasted, hooded or collared peacoats to choose from.

Raincoat: Raincoats keep you dry, obviously, but they don’t need to be bulky and boxy. We love Canada Goose raincoats—they get the job done but are also insulated, cozy and fashion-forward.

Also, keep in mind that oversized coats in particular were a major trend on the runways this season—an even better excuse to layer up and stay warm!

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