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A new take on dinner jackets

A new take on dinner jackets

If you love how a stylish sport coat can dress up your look; imagine the impact of a dinner jacket in hot velvet or striking color contrasts for fall. And, Garmany has the new arrivals from the top brands.

There’s been a renaissance in classic velvet jackets – they’re not just for Hugh Hefner types. Today’s velvet is edgier, like Lanvin’s sharp-looking red velvet with a black satin lapel. Dressed up, it’s on point at a black-tie affair; teamed up with the right sneakers and jeans, it’s casual enough for dinner. One rule of thumb: Velvet dinner jackets are best worn after dark; the fabric is considered too lush for daytime.

For a different option, stand out in Isaia’s white-and-black-plaid dinner jacket, which goes bold with contrasts.

If you’re ready for a luxurious, sometimes decadent look, fall is an ideal time to add dinner jackets to your wardrobe. This classic menswear item is trendier than ever.

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