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All tied up

All tied up

Hey guys, are you ever bewildered about how to tie your shoes? No, we’re not talking which “method” you learned as a kid—the “bunny ears” or “granny knot.” How you lace your footwear is one of the most oft-overlooked sartorial details.

The general rule states that straight lacing is the standard for dress shoes (oxfords, derbies). This style offers a cleaner, more elegant look, so they’re more appropriate when paired with a suit or more formal outfit. Slipping on a pair of Ferragamo or Di Bianco leather cap toes? Keep ’em straight! Criss-cross lacing is suitable for more casual shoes (sneakers, hiking boots). Whether you’re wearing Golden Goose while running weekend errands or Nike high-tops on the court, criss-crossing is A-OK.

Want to skip lacing all together? The single or double monk strap is a fashionable alternative. These shoes with either one or two buckles are said to have become popular after a gentleman visiting the Alps from England grew fond of a monk’s sandals and was given a pair to take home with him. When locals saw the shoe, it took off almost immediately. Both the single and double monk strap are good choices, but steer clear of three or more buckles, which can look less refined.

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