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Always a Classic

Always a Classic

There is clothing that’s trendy and lasts a season or two before designers move on to something else. And then there is Loro Piana.

Garmany likes to think of Loro Piana as an investment. Each garment is made to last from the quality material to the very traditional colors.

If you’ve never considered Loro Piana, early fall is an opportune time to explore this timeless clothing line. From Italy, a land renowned for its fine fashion, Loro Piana creates high-end luxury cashmere and wool products with uncompromised quality.

Loro Piana is featuring The Gift of Kings, Merlino wool that measures only 12 microns, is finer than cashmere, as light as vicuña and available in limited quantities. The Gift of Kings was the name Merino wool was known by in 18th century Europe, when the King of Spain gifted it to the Elector of Saxony and the royal families of France, Britain and Holland.

It’s not just sweaters—everything from shirts and trousers to suits, vests and outerwear is available under the Loro Piana label; and Garmany can introduce you to style that never gets old.

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