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Amazon is releasing its own ear pods to rival Apple’s

Amazon is releasing its own ear pods to rival Apple’s

Amazon and Apple undoubtedly have the biggest monopolies on tech gadgets these days, so it’s no wonder that Amazon is coming out with wireless ear buds to rival Apple’s popular AirPods.

These headphones sit inside the ear without any wires connecting to them. But according to Bloomberg, Amazon’s version will take the technology a step further, and reportedly has better audio quality and built-in Alexa access, which means you can use your headphones to play music, find out about the weather, order stuff online or get other information by summoning your trusted pal, “Alexa…”

This is pretty major for the Seattle-based brand, as it also marks its first “wearable” Amazon product. And even better, we won’t have to wait years for these headphones, as they’re supposedly going to hit the market by the second half of 2019.

As we wait patiently to see if Amazon’s wireless earbuds are in fact as good as or better than Apple’s, stop by Garmany to stock up on wardrobe essentials for spring and summer. We’re basically the fashion equivalent of Amazon—always on top of the trends and always bringing you the best of the best!

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