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Apple introduces a new way to track your fitness goals

Apple introduces a new way to track your fitness goals

Whether you’re a hardcore fitness enthusiast or simply looking to live a healthier lifestyle, you’ve likely tracked your steps at some point via an app on your phone (or watch…or tablet…). But Apple just upped their fitness tracking game, introducing a new technology for Apple Watch that doesn’t just focus on daily fitness goals, but rather on the overall picture.

Activity Trends, which Apple unveiled at its annual developers’ conference earlier this week, allows you to see how you’ve performed over the past three months and over the past year, tracking several different stats, such as stand time, distance traveled, flights of stairs, cardio fitness, walking and running pace.

The point is to help users determine if they’re improving in each of these categories and becoming more active over time, not just how much activity they’re doing within a 24-hour period. For instance, if you’re walking fewer flights of stairs now than you were three months ago, the app would encourage you to step it up (literally).

The new features will be available to Apple Watch and iOS users in fall 2019. In the meantime, stop by Garmany, where we can help you set your fitness goals into motion with the perfect workout gear for both men and women, from sweats to sneakers.

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