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Beer and rock—perfect together?

Beer and rock—perfect together?

Now you can toast to your favorite rock band—literally. Rock and Roll Hall of Famers Metallica has teamed up with Stone Brewing Co. on its very own beer, called Enter Night Pilsner.

According to a press release on the band’s website, the beverage has been sold since fall 2018 at stores and concert venues that the rockers visited on tour. But as of now, Enter Night will be sold nationally, and will begin being sold internationally in Europe starting this spring.

“Our primary thing is obviously playing music … but in the wake of that comes a whole slew of other things,” Metallica drummer Lars Ulrich told USA Today.“I look at all of them … as creative outlets.”

This is Metallica’s second foray into the booze business, as they released their Blackened whiskey to the market last fall.

As for the beer in particular? Ulrich and Stone Brewing Co. co-founder Greg Koch are defining the taste of the beer as “crisp and refreshing” and a “hop-forward with sound bitterness on the finish,” according to Men’s Journal—it’s definitely got north German pilsner undertones. They also say it “transcends genres,” much like Metallica does with its music.

Want some Enter Night for yourself? The beer comes in a six-pack of 16 oz cans and is available at Circus Wines Beer & Spirits in Red Bank and at Lincroft Liquor. So get your Metallica drink on, and then stop by Garmany while you’re in town to treat yourself to a shopping spree. By the way, we’ve got a bar right here in the store too!

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