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Better for You and the Planet

Better for You and the Planet

These days feeling good about your clothing means more than finding the perfect style or fit. The sustainability movement—which the fashion industry hopes will gain momentum—means apparel that’s also kind to Mother Earth. Eco-friendly fashion is catching on with many brands, and has the potential to hook Millennials based on a 2015 Nielson survey showing three out of five would pay extra for planet-friendly apparel.

For Brunello Cucinelli, a luxury brand available at Garmany, sustainability is more than a buzzword. In fact, the self-made billionaire behind the eponymous brand prizes social responsibility with an approach he calls “humanist capitalism.” And, as the son of a laborer, one of his goals has been restoring Solomeo, the hilltop village in central Italy, where his business is located.

But why invest in this village? According to Cucinelli’s website, it is “a medieval hamlet whose foundation probably dates back to the land reclamation of the 12thcentury,” and more importantly, the village is at the core of the CEO’s family, business and spiritual life. That’s something to think about when you style up with a Cucinelli pocket square, knit tie or suede leather jacket at your Garmany store.

With sustainable brands, customers can embrace luxe fashion that does more than turn heads—it has heart.

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