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Blue light beauty

Blue light beauty

The next time your skin is a little dry, don’t assume the summer’s heat or the aging process is the culprit; now we have screens to blame too. Scientists claim the high-energy visible light — also known as blue light — emitted from our TVs, computers, tablets and smartphones could be just as detrimental to our skin as the sun.

Researchers blame pollutants in the environment, as well as ozone and UV rays, for breaking down the skin’s lipid barrier, which is key to healthy hydration. But your computer can add to the damage with its blue light, and harsh environments can step up the severity of inflammatory skin struggles like hyperpigmentation, acne and psoriasis.

Luckily, beauty-care brands like Dr. Sebagh, Murad and Skinceuticals are coming to the rescue with products designed to strengthen the structure of the skin and guard it from harmful molecules (and screentime). Look for lipids, ceramides and even live bacteria in this new wave of skin-care products.

Of course, wearing sunscreen and a hat are still tried-and-true precautions, so don’t discard of that SPF just yet!

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