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Bright future for hot shades

Bright future for hot shades

No, we’re not talking about colors.

The right sunglasses have a cool factor we’ve long admired. Yes, they’re a year-round accessory, but a summer necessity—imagine a day at the beach without them squinting against the sun’s powerful rays. You have to protect those baby blues, but how to you pull off this style like a fashion pro?

The basic rule is to choose sunglasses that are opposite the shape of your face—for example, round for a square face. Also, those with darker skin or hair can go with darker-colored or more rectangular sunglasses, while lighter skin and hair is best complemented by browns, yellows or slightly curved glasses.

Leave it to Garmany to offer designer sunglasses that are so cool you’ll want multiple pairs. For example, there’s Tom Ford’s soft squared or metal top bridge sunglasses, Prada’s brown lens sunglasses or Gucci’s wayfarers. All of these brands represent the latest and greatest in shades. Stop by Garmany and let us help you choose yours.

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