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Changing Your Stripes

Changing Your Stripes

If the thought of wearing a pinstripe suit gives you flashbacks to broad-shouldered ’80s bankers, think again—these days, pinstripe suits are much more chill.

What’s the difference? For starters, the boxy, enormous cuts from the era of John Hughes flicks and the Rubik’s Cube have given way to slim silhouettes that often flaunt more subtle stripes. Celebrities like Ryan Gosling, Idris Elba, Tom Hardy and Johnny Depp have been spotted sporting pinstripe suits on the red carpet lately, and they don’t exactly work in finance.

So how should you style a pinstripe suit when you want to look a little less buttoned up? It’s easy. Instead of a traditional shirt and tie, wear a T-shirt, paper-thin cashmere crewneck or turtleneck, or even a thin hoodie underneath. Your shoes can also give your suit a more casual feel. Try a minimalist sneaker or a Chelsea or derby boot.

Stop into Garmany to check out pinstripe suits and all manners of shirts and shoes to wear with them. You’ll love your new style—and we promise you won’t look like a banker.

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