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Clothes that make the LEADER

As the old saying goes, “clothes make the man.”… but what about the clothes that make the leader? If you are looking for some solid, style savvy advice, here are a few words of wisdom from the leaders of the pack in menswear.



Keep it simple.

“I believe in the elegance of simplicity, eliminating the unessential, so I am satisfied only by excellence. My aspiration is offering the best, with simplicity and elegance.”







Mind your P’s and Q’s… that is, President’s Quality.
This fine Italian brand has a passion for meticulous craftsmanship, making a collection that boasts world-class form and function.








“Old Is Good”.
The best clothes become part of you. You always need some statement pieces in your wardrobe, so explore men’s clothing designed to go the distance.






Jacob Cohen

“Go to bed with a dream. Wake up with a purpose”.
A company with its roots in denim transcended fashion boundaries by turning casual pieces to luxurious looks. Anything (or anyone) can be reinvented.







4651/ Trip in a Bag

Don’t give it much thought.
Casual understatement is where it is at. “Effortless elegance, outstanding comfort and a relaxed casual feeling, will last beyond the seasonal speed of fashion.”
No matter what the occasion, these top fashion brands have the perfect pieces for the modern leader. So next time you need to dress for success, be sure to check out their collections.




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