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Coffee with a hint of health

Coffee with a hint of health

With Americans drinking more coffee than folks in any other land, and Millennials’ consumption on the rise, it’s no surprise that java is s a hot commodity. There’s always a new trend for how to get this must-have brew just right—everything from premium beans to espresso-based drinks like lattes.

The latest revolution for your morning joe means giving it a health boost too, and while this might not be your cup of tea, it inspires a little imagination to consider how to make a good thing better. Think about it: You’re not giving up your caffeine; you’re just giving it a leg up. More than replacing your sugar or sugar substitute with a natural alternative, folks are revving up their java with everything from spices to superfoods. A turmeric latte, for example, tastes great and utilizes a spice known to benefit the body and brain. Turmeric has been prized in India for thousands of years as a spice and medicinal herb.

If turmeric doesn’t tempt you, what about a superfood like maca root? Grown in Peru and available in powder form, maca is said to benefit the immune system, energy levels and hormone balance.

You may be too sleepy in the morning to have given this much thought but coffee also can be a “base” for protein powder, collagen and anything else you value for nutrition. Basically, there’s no wrong way to do this—just follow your taste buds until you find a favorite.

Whether sipping your coffee on the veranda at home or at a busy coffee house, you’ll always be in style with Garmany. We spilled the beans on coffee trends—let Garmany show you what’s new in fashion.

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