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Dare to Dream

Dare to Dream

The power nap is one of the hottest fitness trends of 2018.

And nap bars are the right place to rejuvenate.

Just minutes from the bustle of New York City’s Times Square, Nap York pod is providing rest and relaxation in a private pod where an Airweave mattress and pillow, fresh air supply and sound-dampening curtain create a soothing new world. There’s even a Dream Team to ensure your 30-minute minimum luxury experience is restful and blissful.

Why the surge in the power nap? Studies prove it’s harder to focus when you’re sleep deprived and napping at work increases productivity.  The health benefits of sleep include lowering the risk of disease and boosting your spirits, which means there’s plenty to be gained from a little shuteye.

Nap bars have been opening around the globe in places like Paris, London, Tokyo and Madrid, where Siesta & Co. joined the wellness wave. For those who don’t care to doze off, Siesta & Co. rents lounge and work space too.

A healthier lifestyle through napping—20 minutes is recommended for stress reduction—is also the approach at a number of spas, like YeloSpa in Midtown Manhattan, Spa Lé La in LA and perhaps at a facility near you.

With the spotlight on napping, happy hour has a new meaning at the nap bar.

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