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Dear old dad–literally

Dear old dad–literally

Worried you’ll be the only gray-haired dad in the Little League stands when you finally settle down and have a budding first baseman? Don’t fear: You’ll have plenty of company, as a study shows new fathers are getting older.

According to the journal Human Reproduction, the average age of men who had newborns in 1972 was 27; today, it’s almost 31.

Furthermore, out of some 4 million babies born every year in the United States, about 9% have fathers who are older than 40. And that, say experts, has several benefits.

“From a psychological perspective, older parents are likely to be more mature and less impulsive in their behavior,” says senior researcher Dr. Michael Eisenberg, who also noted that elder dads tend to have better jobs and stability, plus they’re more involved in their offsprings’ lives.

Meanwhile, the number of men over 50 who are becoming new fathers also increased – up to .9 percent of all births, an increase from .5 percent in the 1970s. The oldest father on record? Eisenberg says it’s a 96-year-old gent in India who had kids with his 50-something wife.

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