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Debonair for the derby

Debonair for the derby

Sartorially speaking, Super Bowl Sunday was a breeze.

When the Eagles defeated the Patriots earlier this month, every man’s wardrobe for the big game—whether they were in Minneapolis or cheering at home—was virtually the same: a team jersey and jeans. But what does one wear when it comes to that other, more fashion conscious sporting event—aka the Kentucky Derby?

If you’re celebrating at a Derby party or actually at the May 5 race, one fact remains: You’ll want a hat. Unlike the ladies, however, you needn’t find a showstopping chapeau—a fedora or bowler will do. As for the rest of your outfit, gentlemen often opt for white linen trousers or chinos, a patterned button-down and a navy sportcoat. For a slightly stronger statement, a seersucker sportcoat will do the trick. And if you’re ready to dive head-first into a more modern Southern look, employ a splash of color (think pastel chinos in shades of pink, key lime, ocean or citron). You can also mix it up like some of the celebrities who attended the Derby in years past: Ashton Kutcher once wore a navy vest with a purple bowtie and tan hat, ’N Sync singer Joey Fatone wore a pink ginham suit and a black bowtie, and the late great Hugh Hefner (flanked by three Playmates) rocked a cream-colored suit and hat with a striped pink button-down and—because he could—no tie at all.

Looking to make a statement at this year’s Derby bash? Stop by Garmany for all your party-wear.

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