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Did you hear that?

Did you hear that?

Sure, there are plenty of mobile apps to keep you informed. But are they all worth it? Here are our picks for those that are truly helpful:
*For traffic jams—You’ll be notified of accidents, severe weather affecting routes and road work that appeared out of nowhere. Check out Waze, INRIX and Google Maps.
*For pet safety—You can’t be with your best buddy 24/7, so to take the worry away, look into Pet Chatz, which alerts you when your pooch is being more cantankerous than usual.
*For weather alerts—Yes, we’re all tired of talking about it, but when dangers, such as flash floods or high winds occur, it’s nice to know what’s coming. Apps like Hi-Def Radar and Dark Sky will let you know when lightening strikes, as well as other storm related activity.

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