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Elements of Men’s Style with Johnell Garmany

Elements of Men’s Style with Johnell Garmany

From the latest designer denim  to tailored clothing trends, Johnell Garmany weighs in on what to wear this season. Pull up a chair and read our Men’s Style Q&A.

For guys making room in their closets, what pieces should they get rid of and/or save? My general rule is if you haven’t worn something in the past three years, it’s time to toss it. For anything tailored, you have to see how it fits. We all lose or put on a few pounds, so if a tailor can’t alter a piece, it might be time to let go of it. On the other hand, one of my favorite things to do is help customers find something they have not worn yet and show them how to wear it.

It seems no one is wearing ties these days. Is it time to let them go? Hold on to your ties! Though many prefer narrower widths these days, the overall width preference hasn’t changed in 10 years. Find ways to incorporate them into your outfit: Wear them with a sportcoat or with a shirt and jeans.

How should men dress for the office if the dress code no longer requires a suit and tie?
A collared shirt is a must, and guys can add a layering piece like a sportcoat or sweater jacket. Brunello Cucinelli makes a lightweight wool jacket that’s perfect—it’s cut and fit like a denim jacket. Pair it with tailored cotton dress pants that have clean hemlines and aren’t sagging.

What about a guy who looks great in a suit but isn’t comfortable in sportswear: How can you help him?
The important thing to remember is to pick out sportswear for your body type. For example, if you have a little extra in the belly, you don’t want anything too tight. Then consider wearing something over the base to cover up. Maurizio Baldassari makes stylish sweater jackets that work well. A cardigan by Fedeli or a sportcoat or a vest can also do the trick.

Which denim styles and fits are in this season?
Our Jacob Cohen slim fit jeans are our No. 1 seller—we can’t keep them on the shelves, especially in white. Other cool colors for spring are sky blue, Nantucket red and green. As far as fit, slim is still big this season, but styles are loosening up. Cucinelli makes great jeans that are a more relaxed fit.

What about tailored clothing?
Canali has an awesome green sportcoat, and Atelier Garmany has a great Piacenza jacket in eggplant as well as a sportcoat in a cool teal. It’s the season for weddings and galas.

How should guys dress for formal occasions?
Check the invitation. If it’s black-tie, always play it safe in a tuxedo or a dinner jacket. If you choose a dinner jacket, choose one that’s not flashy—you don’t want to look like you’re wearing a costume. For less formal events, you can’t go wrong with a dark navy or charcoal suit. For some occasions, you can wear a sportcoat with a white or dark shirt with a tie.

Sneakers are all the rage these days. What are the must-have pairs?

This season’s collection from Common Projects is awesome, and so are Christian Louboutin’s and Santoni’s sneakers. We just brought in the Triple Stitch by Zegna, and sales have exploded. Other pairs to check out include Cucinelli sneaker moccasins, which are extremely comfortable, and the selection from G. Brown, which hits all price points.

Weather can be unpredictable in spring. What’s the perfect outerwear?
We have wonderful jackets this season from Gimo’s and Moorer that are perfect to wear on a rainy day or just to have on like an accessory.

Guys have their suits, shirts, pants and shoes. What are some good accessories to finish the look?

Garmany has a great collection of bracelets and sunglasses, but always remember the basics like socks. Marcoliani has really comfortable, fun and funky pairs as well as no show socks. Going “sockless” is still a good look, and it’s comfortable when the weather gets warmer.

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