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Elements of Men’s Style

Elements of MEN’S STYLE …in which Johnell Garmany solves your sartorial dilemmas.

Zegna SneakersWhere should men’s style begin when refreshing their wardrobe for summer?
Guys have been getting into sneaker colors beyond black and brown. Colored sneakers are big for the season in whatever shade that matches the rest of their wardrobe. Zegna’s Triple Stitch is our No. 1 seller— they fit like a glove, and we have them in more than a dozen colors.

What other pieces are you excited about this season?
The new collection of woven tops is outstanding. Piacenza has woven short sleeve tops with a retro look, and we’re very impressed with the season’s collections from brands like Ferrante and Fedeli.

What should men consider before they wear a double-breasted suit?
Like all fine garments, a double-breasted suit should be tailored correctly. Too many men have ill-fitting double-breasted suits with long, baggy pants. At Garmany, we’ll be sure yours fits you to a T. For a different look—and depending on fabric selection and pocket treatment—the suit also can be “broken up,” and the jacket can be worn with jeans and a monk strap shoe. It’s a great look that’s more casual yet refined.

For the guy who’s always on the go, how should he dress for travel without sacrificing style for comfort?
Skip the sweatpants and put on a pair of stretchy travel pants and a knit jersey sportcoat from brands like Maurizio Baldassari. A sportcoat looks great and has a bunch of pockets so you’ll always have a spot to hold your phone, wallet, etc. You’ll always look put-together and not sloppy.

Men's Style Garmany


Suits have loosened up on the runways. What does that mean for everyday men’s style?
While the loose-fit is showing up on runways, it hasn’t yet hit Main Street— or Broad Street. Many guys are getting more comfortable, however, choosing wider jacket lapels and pleated pants.

Dark indigo denim is a fashion staple, but where do colored jeans fit into a wardrobe?
As fashion became more casual, guys who were wearing sportcoats wanted denim beyond the usual washes to better match their jackets. Now there are wonderful jeans and five-pocket pants from brands like Tramarossa and Jacob Cohen in different colors, from khaki and white to green and blue, that look amazing whether you’re wearing a sportcoat or just a T-shirt.


weekender bag


How do we celebrate Dad and our newest grad? Do you have gift ideas?
I love the weekender bags from Brunello Cucinelli; I own one myself and get so many compliments. They’re elegant and make a statement, especially when you’re at the airport. Printed short-sleeve shirts from Serge Blanco and our Garmany Private Label are great items, as well as Tumi bags and stud sets by Deakin & Francis.  Give the gift of men’s style this summer!

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