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Florals for Men?

Florals for Men?

We know, we know, florals for this time of year are not exactly groundbreaking (thanks Miranda Priestly in The Devil Wears Prada), but despite their ubiquity, they are still not what most men think of when it comes to their summer wardrobe. But florals for men are a stylish way to break out of the winter doldrums and bring a little life and color to your closet. And we’ve got a ton to choose from at Garmany.

For shirts, consider a floral choice from Bevilacqua, Rodd & Gunn, Billy Reid,
Vince, Hartford or Eton. From casual backyard barbeque attire to shirts more suitable to formal occasions, we’ve got you covered. And we promise you won’t feel like you’re wearing your uncle’s tacky Hawaiian shirt circa 1976.

For shorts, check out the floral options from Pt01, an Italian brand that specializes in men’s trousers. We even have floral pants from J.W. Brine that will ensure you stand out from the sea of men wearing khakis wherever you go.

Just keep in mind it’s safest to wear one floral print at a time, so if you’re sporting a floral shirt, wear solid pants and vice versa.

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