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Flying domestically out of New Jersey just got a lot more complicated

Flying domestically out of New Jersey just got a lot more complicated

Travelling on a domestic flight just got a little bit more inconvenient for residents of New Jersey.

Starting in October 2020, in order to board a flight to anywhere in the United States, travelers must have a Real ID-compliant license, TSA announced last month. These licenses have little yellow stars in the top right corner, which indicate that the ID meets federal regulations and the newest safety standards. If your license doesn’t have that little yellow star, you’ll need to bring another form of ID with you, like a valid passport, to make it past the security check and onto your flight.

The bad news? New Jersey is one of six states that doesn’t exclusively issue these compliant licenses. But the good news is we’ve been given an extension until October 10, 2019 to get these Real IDs issued. It just means you might have to make a trip to the DMV in the not-so-distant future, where you’ll need to upgrade your current license to one with the gold star. It’s not the end of the world but is certainly an inconvenience, especially when planning for a trip is already so stressful.

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