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Funny, they don’t sound Italian

Funny, they don’t sound Italian

Not everything Italian has a name ending in a vowel. One example: David Naman, an internationally known sportswear brand now making waves in North America.

How would we describe the line? Sophisticated, elegant and cool, with youthful, understated designs. Eponymous founder Naman built his company from the ground up, and it reflects his youthful focus and energy. And yes, it’s Italian.

Speaking of Davids, the hills of Carrara, Italy, provided the marble Michelangelo used to create the immortal sculpture of that name, and that’s where you’ll find the headquarters of JW Brine.

This company has been creating authentic, high-quality men’s trousers for more than 35 years. Its goal: perfect-fitting pants. So how did an Italian company wind up with that name? The founder, on one of his globe-trotting trips, was checking out a vintage shop when he stumbled upon a pair of old U.S. Army pants. Stitched into the pants was the soldier’s name: James W. Brine. A new masculine brand was born.

You’ll find both brands at Garmany.

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