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Mark your calendars for the Veronica Beard trunk show at Garmany

Mark your calendars for the Veronica Beard trunk show at Garmany

Celebrities like Meghan Markle, Gwyneth Paltrow and Jennifer Lopez have been longtime fans of Veronica Beard, and it’s no wonder. The brand, founded in 2010 by sisters-in-law Veronica Miele Beard and Veronica Swanson Beard, is full of amazing everyday wardrobe staples, from dresses and blouses to blazers and skirts.

Though Veronica Beard has evolved tremendously since its inception—as most successful fashion brands do—one thing that hasn’t changed much are their dickeys, the item the ladies launched with nine years ago. It’s essentially a jacket insert that comes in various colors, textiles, styles and prints that can be buttoned into the classic Dickey Jacket for endless versatility. And yes, it’s since become the must-have item for which the Veronica Beard brand is most known.

And speaking of, mark your calendars for Friday, April 12. Garmany will be hosting a spring trunk show with brand reps from Veronica Beard, where you can shop the new collection and see which Dickey Jacket you like best. But in the meantime, stop by Garmany to try on our latest offerings from Veronica Beard. The Dickey Jacket is perfect for spring!

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