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Gear Up for Your BBQ

Gear Up for Your BBQ

Do you love a good barbecue but worry that the hours of grillwork leave you little time to mingle with your guests? Here are four intuitive products meant to put the fun back into hosting a party.

Smart grilling. You won’t heat up when you cook with Traeger Timberline 1300 pellet grill—its WiFIRE technology can be controlled via smartphone app. So, feel free to lounge with a frozen daiquiri in hand, confident that you can still pull off a tasty barbecue with wood-fired precision grilling up to 500°F. All it takes is an Apple or Android device to change temps, set timers and even find inspiration from a recipe arsenal.

Keeping it cool. Since it’s not a party without cold brew and rockin’ tunes, there’s the BREKX Double-Walled Party Cooler. You’ll need less gear when your 54-quart cooler can not only chill an entire party’s brew but also keep the music cranked up with high-powered Bluetooth speakers.

Light bright. Another gadget that does double duty is the Ion Audio Patio Mate Umbrella Light. Just affix it to your umbrella for eight hours of continuous light and music. It also gives your evening soiree a special ambiance.

Outdoor AC. Want to stay calm and collected during your gathering? Try Coolingstyle, a portable device with three levels of refreshment covering 55 square feet. Added bonus: It also repels mosquitos!

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