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Get a Checkup—at The Spa!

Get a Checkup—at The Spa!

A spa vacation can be a golden opportunity to go beyond relaxing and feeling good in a luxurious setting to attacking long-term health. Instead of heading to the doctor’s office, those folks working to shed unhealthy habits that can lead to illness are checking into a medical spa.

Spas in Portugal, the Philippines and Brazil have become top destinations for “health holidays”. Palacio Estoril Preventative Health in Portugal, for example, works on rebalancing energy with personalized exercise, relaxation and quality sleep (medical consult included), while The Farm Heart & Stress Reduction in the Philippines serves a vitamin-rich vegan diet as it works to fight stress and Kurotel Healthy Longevity in Brazil’s Gaucho Mountains targets smoking cessation, stress management and even brain wellness.  

You don’t need a passport to try a medical spa. According to the American Medical Spa Association, there are establishments aplenty right here in the U.S. for a one-stop shop beauty-and-health experience.

To really look like a new you, stop by Garmany where stylists will guide you to the best attire for your wellness vacation.

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