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Getting in the Mood

Getting in the Mood

These days turning the lights down low is not the only way to get in the mood. Circadian lighting—the next frontier in LEDs—is like a mood ring for your room, according to The New York Times, and it’s a trend expected to revolutionize home designThink of circadian lighting as a force to boost your overall well-being—lifting your spirits and contributing to a sound sleep, which LED manufacturers cite as its benefits. You’ll never look at a bulb the same way!

It all started a few years ago when LED manufacturers began working to mimic the warm glow associated with incandescent bulbs. Experiments turned to mirroring the midday sun, the soothing glow of a candle and much more. Circadian lighting, also called natural lighting, can already be found at stores like Whole Foods Market in Bryant Park, N.Y., but designers have no doubts that it will also catch on in homes.

Scientists have long been intrigued by circadian lighting, which works with the body’s internal clock to control the flow of melatonin, a hormone that aids in sleep. Bluish light during the day means less melatonin, but a dim yellowish light at night produces more.

Want to stay up late? No worries. The lighting can be controlled via an app and virtual voice assistants. Edison never imagined such a thing!

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