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Goldman Sachs adopts casual dress code to appeal to younger set

Goldman Sachs adopts casual dress code to appeal to younger set

Work attire has been erring on the side of casual for years now, and now one of the biggest banks on Wall Street is, for lack of a better word, following suit. Goldman Sachs announced in a memo to staff last week that they’re abandoning their stuffy dress code for a more “flexible” approach to office fashion.

The reason, experts say, is to appeal to the firm’s younger workforce and attract millennials they’re trying to hire. And though this dress code has been offered to the firm’s technology department since 2017, this is the first time the bankers and the rest of the company, both men and women, can dress more casually as well.

The only problem? The memo from CEO David Solomon—who moonlights as a DJ, by the way—doesn’t specify any items of clothing that are banned, trusting employees to use their best judgement.

“Of course, casual dress is not appropriate every day and for every interaction and we trust you will consistently exercise good judgment in this regard,” the memo says. “All of us know what is and is not appropriate for the workplace.”

So yeah, even though you need not wear a tie to the office, we’d read between the lines here and advise staffers to save their ripped jeans and T-shirts for the weekends.

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