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Hobbies of the Rich & Famous

Hobbies of the Rich & Famous

From racecar driving to raising an exotic pet, having big bucks can open the door to thrilling hobbies most can only dream about. A billionaire might, for instance, collect a 1937 57S Bugatti priced at over $4 million or breed horses, which for board alone can break the bank.

According to Business Insider, for many billionaires, the most popular hobby is philanthropy in the spirit of the Giving Pledge—a promise started by Bill Gates and Warren Buffett to commit half of their fortunes to charitable causes during their lifetimes.

Sports, especially soccer, are another pursuit for the wealthy, who have the money to not only watch but invest in a team, according to Wealth-X. For example, Dietrich Mateschitz, the billionaire co-founder of the Red Bull energy drink, launched the championship Red Bull Racing team, while Oracle founder and CEO Larry Ellison (with a net worth of more than $60 billion) created BMW Oracle Racing. And for a hobby that’s truly presidential, Donald Trump (owner of the Trump empire) enjoys a good game of golf—the Trump Organization owns courses around the world.

Collecting fine art is yet another high-priced hobby, considering that a Francis Bacon triptych set a record with its $142 million auction price. Yet money was no obstacle for Walmart heiress Alice Walton to amass a huge art collection and display her treasures at an Arkansas art museum.

Lastly, the wealthy may have the bucks to pursue hobbies steeped in extravagance but that doesn’t mean some don’t enjoy simple pastimes: For Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg, the passion is running—a sport one can master for the price of athletic wear. Whether pounding the pavement, renting a yacht or collecting antiques, dress to impress with inspiration from Garmany.

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