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How to choose the right overcoat

How to choose the right overcoat

You know you can’t wear your North Face parka to your next business meeting. So what to wear to look pulled together when the weather turns colder? An overcoat or a topcoat. First, the difference: An overcoat is a long, heavier coat that is worn on top of something else to protect the wearer from the weather. A topcoat is a lightweight overcoat (like a trench coat) and is usually a little shorter, ending at or above the knee. Both overcoats and topcoats are wardrobe staples that you’re going to have for years, so you want to choose right when making the investment. What to keep in mind?

Fit is key. The traditional wool or cashmere overcoat is great to wear over your suit, sportcoat or even just a sweater and jeans. Take into account how many layers you think you’ll be wearing underneath your coat. If you do plan to wear it with a suit, you’ll need a larger size to make sure it works with the layers beneath. The pros here at Garmany will measure you to make sure the coat fits properly.

Another thing to think about is style. The single-breasted overcoat with notched lapel is always a classic, or you could go with a double-breasted coat with peaked lapels. Single-breasted coats tend to look sleeker, but double-breasted coats will keep you warmer with the two layers of fabric over your chest. You’ll notice different details like flap or slash pockets, a half or full belt or no belt at all. Try on a few and see what makes you feel the most dashing.

As for color, a dark, plain fabric is very versatile. Black, navy or charcoal is always a smart choice. However, a camel overcoat can add a lot of interest to your look when paired with the darker colors of your fall and winter wardrobe. Trench coats are traditionally khaki-colored but also come in dark colors like black or navy.

Stop in to Garmany and let us help you find the perfect overcoat or topcoat that you’ll be able to wear for years to come.

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